Who Needs Jeans?

I am putting away all of my jeans. Yes, I am aware that it may be strange timing, but I’ve never liked jeans. I don’t like the way they feel, and quite honestly, I don’t like they way they look on me. Up until about 80 years ago, girls weren’t even wearing them, right?

Besides, who needs them when there are other options. Tights, skirts, and dresses are much more comfortable.

Here are some of my favorite looks for legs this fall:

Thigh Highs

Urban Outfitters Thigh Highs

Torn Leggings

LnA Ripped Zipper Leggings in Flat Black

LnA Ripped Zipper Leggings

And my absolute FAVORITE look: Tights under shorts

I’m really liking all of these trends.  Do you like or dislike?

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