Eat Less

Dear Urban Outfitters,

How your buyer found this acceptable is truly beyond me. This is the last thing anyone needs to see and let enter their subconscious.
Happiness doesn’t come from eating less. It doesn’t come from being skinnier, or having pretty hair. Yes, those things can make you be more content with the way you look, but real bliss is so much deeper. Happiness can never be dependent upon external things, because those things are changeable, and once they change, where does your happiness go?  True joy must be found within yourself. 
Although I know you like selling t-shirts that make amusing, political, satiracal, or fashion statements, this is neither fashionable nor funny. Anorexia is a very serious mental disorder, not a fashion statement to put on a shirt. Furthermore, fashion is about embracing who you are and expressing it. Not expressing what you want to change about yourself.

xx Megan Twee

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