Arcade Fire’s “the Suburbs

A few weeks ago, indie rock group Arcade Fire released a hit- The Suburbs. the day it was released, I bought it, and it hasn’t left the stereo in my Jeep. I’m constantly listening to it, and being inspired by the ideologies in their lyrics. I feel like I’m reading a journal when listening. It’s all honest and raw. If you haven’t bought it yet, I would definitely encourage you to do so.

The entire album is basically an analysis of modern American suburban life. Here are some lyrics from the album. They require no analysis. They are exactly as they present themselves.

The Suburbs

“So can you understand
Why I want a daughter while I’m still young?
I want to hold her hand
Show her some beauty
Before this damage is done
But if it’s too much to ask
If it’s too much to ask
Send me a son”

Deep Blue

Put the cellphone down for a while
In the night there is something wild
Can you hear it breathing?
And hey
Put the laptop down for a while
In the night there is something wild
I feel it, it’s leaving me”

Month of May

“So young, so young
So much pain for someone so young, well
I know it’s heavy, I know it ain’t light
But how you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight?”

Sprawl I
“Cops showing their lights
On the reflectors of our bikes
Said, do you kids know what time it is?
Well sir, it’s the first time I’ve felt like something is mine
Like I have something to give
The last defender of the sprawl
Said, well where do you kids live?
Well sir, if you only knew
What the answer is worth
Been searching every corner
Of the earth”

There are a lot of other songs on the album. Each packed with strong lyrics, melodies, and ideas. It’s worth getting, and it’s all worth pondering over.

AND lastly, Music Suggestions of the Week:

An Oldie: Rebel Rebel-David Bowie

Recent Song: The Kindler Burns- I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business

Friend’s Suggestion: The Garden- Mirah


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

What are dreams? Scientists and educated specialists seem to provide many explanations about dreams. But my favorite definition s that it is simply “a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep,” in the words of Cinderella.
Why do we dream so much every night, but don’t frequently remember them? Again, I’m sure that there are many scientific answers for that. But for some reason, I’d like to believe that dreams are merely small seeds of limitless inspiration that get deeply planted into your soul. They slowly sprout until they reach your brain and bare the fruit of an idea, whether it be an idea about humanity, your dreams, your passions, your future. Maybe, just maybe, everything we are all started as a 10 minute dream from your REM cycle, filled with inspiration of the subconscious mind, ready to point you toward your purpose. Or, maybe not. .

Xx Megan Twee
P.S. If this makes no sense, its because its just an insomniatic mental ramble at 2 am. Sweet dreams.

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