A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

What are dreams? Scientists and educated specialists seem to provide many explanations about dreams. But my favorite definition s that it is simply “a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep,” in the words of Cinderella.
Why do we dream so much every night, but don’t frequently remember them? Again, I’m sure that there are many scientific answers for that. But for some reason, I’d like to believe that dreams are merely small seeds of limitless inspiration that get deeply planted into your soul. They slowly sprout until they reach your brain and bare the fruit of an idea, whether it be an idea about humanity, your dreams, your passions, your future. Maybe, just maybe, everything we are all started as a 10 minute dream from your REM cycle, filled with inspiration of the subconscious mind, ready to point you toward your purpose. Or, maybe not. .

Xx Megan Twee
P.S. If this makes no sense, its because its just an insomniatic mental ramble at 2 am. Sweet dreams.

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  1. Great quote by Cinderella… 🙂
    Great ramblings.

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